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About Plaza Pilates

Our goal here at Plaza Pilates is to help our clients understand, explore, and strengthen their bodies’ physical capabilities in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment. We want to help you live as physically embodied and healthy a life as you can.
  • Sign Up for an Appropriate Level Class – We understand wanting to make it to class, but please don’t sign up for a class above your ability level.
  • Cell Phones – Please silence your cell phones while in the studio, if you must make a call please step out into the hallway.
  • Timeliness -Please show your fellow class members and teacher respect and please be mindful of our late policy.
  • No Strong-Smelling Body Sprays or Perfumes – We have a small space, please be mindful strong scents fill out space quickly.
  • Cleaning Policy – We ask that if you are attending a group class that you assist us by wiping down your machines and props used.
  • Towel Policy – Every client is allotted one towel for use during their class or session. After we ask that you return the towel to the hamper located at the base of the storage unit in our seating area.
  • Children – Please, no children are to be left unattended in our seating area while you are in class.

Cancellation Policy – We have a 24-hour cancellation policy on all classes and sessions that have been booked.

Late Policy – We ask that you are not more than 10 mins late to a 55 min group class, and no more than 5 mins late to a 25 min group class. We ask you to be no more than 15 mins late to a private or duet session. After this time, it is up to the instructor teaching if you are allowed into class or if your session will occur, you will be charged for the session. This is a courtesy to your fellow class members and to our instructors.


Pilates is a system of exercise created by Joseph Pilates inspired by body weight calisthenics and helping injured individuals maintain strength while their body heals. He later designed several Pilates machines to help individuals grow their strength, body awareness, and control.

The Joseph Pilates method, which he termed Contrology, was developed in the 1910s and 1920s through his experience working with soldiers, dancers, and boxers. He was influenced by modern medical philosophy of the time in areas of hydrotherapy, trigger point therapy, and breath work. He moved to New York City in the 1920s and set up his studio in Hell’s Kitchen where he taught for the next four decades, refining his method and cementing a long-lasting popularity for Pilates that continues to thrive and help people from all walks of life and ability levels live their healthiest life.

Our Pilates sessions take place on Pilates reformers and Pilates towers. These machines allow for increased challenges and specificity to body movements. It also allows many modifications to be made for injuries or conditions. 

Our group classes are no more than 6 people so there is lots of attention but less personalized attention than a private or duet session, privates and duets can move at your pace or focus on specific concerns or conditions. 

Wear something comfortable you can move in. Socks with rubber grips are suggested but not required

Pilates has been shown to help with a number of physical conditions and rehabilitation of injury, as well as help to improve balance, coordination, strength, and body awareness. 

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